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Level Geometry Tools

Spline-based Houdini Engine tools


This is a set of level geometry HDAs I developed while working on a team project as a combination environment artist and technical artist. I worked with the level designers to see what kind of parameters they need, and with the artists to make sure the assets followed the style. In-engine tools like this are very useful for being able to edit the levels easily and allow designers to tweak levels themselves.

Click through each tool for a Houdini breakdown.

Wall Tool

This wall tool comes in both angled and curved walls, with a vent opening in the floor that can be repositioned.

Exposed parameters:

  • Wall height
  • Vent toggle
  • Vent position
  • Trim toggle

Railing Tool

A glowing railing to guide players and prevent falling off of certain platforms.

Exposed parameter:

  • Height

Stair Tool

Floating stairs that also follow a spline, allowing them to be curved or straight and angled at different grades.

Exposed parameter:

  • Step distance

Rafter Tool

Rafters were important navigation method for the player in the game, and worked well in combination with set dressing tools for floating platforms.

Exposed parameters:

  • Size X
  • Size Y
  • Wire radius

Floor Tool

Drawing the floor with a path worked in many areas of the level, but had to be baked out and merged after all the level design edits had been made.

Exposed parameters:

  • Floor width
  • Corner radius