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Level Geometry Tools

Spline-based Houdini Engine tools


These tools are for creating procedural assets to fit a particular environment. During production, there’s many classes of assets for which it’s much easier to be able to fluidly edit them in-engine than having to remodel things from scratch. In my experience this comes up constantly when iterating level designs, and having procedural assets where possible saves a ton of time and is easier to manage.

The Night Heist tools were made for a student game project at DigiPen. I worked with the level designers to see what kind of parameters they need and with the artists to make tools that follow the style guide. In-engine tools like this are very useful for being able to edit the levels easily and allow designers to tweak levels themselves.

Click through each tool for a Houdini breakdown.

Walls and Fences

Tools for drawing procedural walls and fences.

Night Heist

HDAs developed during the production of Night Heist.